PCB Assembly

At Microtech we specialise in a high mix, low to medium volume, complex electronic assembly manufacture. We pride ourselves on agile manufacturing to enable us to respond quickly to customer needs and changes in the market, whilst all the time maintaining our lean manufacturing principals.

Our PCB Assembly service is performed utilizing Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or conventional through hole assembly techniques.

We operate 2 x SMT lines run with europlacer iineo placement machines which allows us to place up to 16,000 components per hour, if required. When inventory changeover is needed, it’s fast and simple. A huge variety of fully programmable feeders are used, from quick-load single feeders and bulk feeders to intelligent feeder carts.

Each machine has fully automated in process quality control by way of electrical component value checking and verification. This ensures the correct value component is being selected before placement of the components onto the PCB and eliminates any rework of incorrect components at a later stage.

Having 2 x lines provides you with the flexibility to achieve rapid prototyping timescales knowing that production will be run on the same line as your prototypes. After each PCB is run on the SMT line they are thoroughly inspected using our AOI machines.

Assemblies always require some form of conventional through hole soldering, and many of our assemblies our processed using a wave solder machine which eliminates the manual hand soldering process, and results in a high quality and high reliable solder joint.

We also have fully trained hand solder operators who are all trained to IPC-A-610 class 3 workmanship standards and practise Lean Manufacturing principals.

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