Our Purchasing team are working tirelessly to minimise any disruption to delivery schedules due to the continued shortage of components in the marketplace.

So, it is always good to hear some appreciative feedback to that hard work…

‘‘One of our biggest customers has just spent time in our Meeting openly praising that our production lead time has not extended too much as a result of global supply shortages. He explained to the meeting that many other suppliers and also the OEMs themselves are struggling due to one year component lead times etc.
This gave an excellent opportunity for us to be able to advise of the hard work we have all been completing to find supplies, re-layout boards and re-design as needed, all to keep supply of our products possible. Those in the meeting were impressed when they started to understand this work we’ve been completing.
I thought you would like to know that it’s not only appreciated by the team here, but also our network. Well done and thanks for your continued support.’’

We are lucky at Microtech to have a team that cares about the business and clients that recognise our hard work and take time out of their day to pass on their thanks.

Email – sales@mtick.co.uk
Tel – 01494 464764